Thursday, December 22, 2005

My favorite things.

Regular readers know that I never read any of those "blogs" which seem to devote all of their time to slandering me in the vilest, most personal terms. Who can be bothered? I just have better things to do.

I have been told that some what's-his-name at his little blog has tried to "tag" me with a "meme." I decline to respond to someone who has attacked me by in a very sexist fashion calling me a tiny sea creature. And it troubles me that none of the alleged "feminists" of the ugly Left have been able to tear themselves away from their Bush-hatred long enough to defend me. These women seem utterly self-absorbed and shrewish. Why aren't they rushing to defend me? How hypocritical of them!

Anyway, the questions asked as a part of this "game" are partisan and vicious, and I refuse to play this absurd "game." Such "games" are nothing more than artifacts of thinly disguised hatred.

UPDATE: I have been asked by a very prominent blogger who will remain nameless (thanks Glenn!) to answer a set of fun questions! That's what the blogosphere is all about -- intellectual exchange with a set of smart peers in a freewheeling, exciting way.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1. Become a prominent, top tier blogger.
2. Consolidate my position as a top-tier blogger.
3. Continue, in a friendly way, to show misguided people why they are wrong.
4. To keep promoting the friendly, open exchange of ideas.
5. To buy lots of shoes!
6. To combat the crass materialism of society.
7. To crush terrorism beneath my feet.
Seven Things I Cannot Do
I don't "get" the question.
Seven Things That Attract Me to...Blogging
1. The inherent democracy and "levelling" of the format -- the way it allows everyone a voice!
2. The chance to display my expertise to better educate the misinformed and the vulgar.
3. The way it allows for access to opinions from all parts of the political spectrum.
4. The way it allows the well-informed to crush the incoherent, angry Left in the pincer-grip of logic.
5. I love how the blogosphere is all about IDEAS!
6. The ad revenue -- pays for my shoes!
7. Oh, David!
Seven Things I Say Most Often
This is another silly one. Regular readers know I never repeat myself. Only partisans repeat themselves, not independent-minded Constitutional Law scholars.
Seven Books That I Love
1. The Odyssey, by Homer
2. The Tempest, Shakespeare
3. Remembrance of Things Lost, Martin Proust
4. The Mighty Mountain, Thomas Mahon
5. Pilgrim's Progress, Paul Bunyan
6. Gulliver's Travels, John O'Swift
7. The Great Big Book of Constitutional Law, Mr. Blackwell
Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again
1. My Dinner With Andre
2. Aguirre the Wrath of God
3. Crumb
4. Grey Gardens
5. 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould
6. Limelight
7. Dr. Strangelove

I love these movies so much, one day I might even watch one of them with the sound on!
Seven People I Want To Join In Too
OK! This is exciting!

1. John Roberts (BFF)!
2. Pope Benedict XVI
3. Glenn Reynolds!
4. Sammy Alito
5. Hayden Christiansen (hottie!)
6. Ron Artest (see how non-partisan I am?)
7. You know who you are! Yoo-hoo!
Gosh, this was fun!


Blogger ntodd said...

I love you.

8:07 PM  
Blogger K. Ron Silkwood said...

Megadittoes to ntodd's insightful post.

12:01 PM  
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