Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The great because non-partisan white North?

Like most other Americans I do not know very much at all about Canada, except that I do not like it. Canada is such a partisan country! They are always sneering at us by being "different" and not "the same" and acting "independent." However, now that they have elected a powerful Conservative government, they have taken a giant step towards being non-partisan. They will not be so arrogant and superior! Those are attitudes I myself cannot stand. I am glad that Canada has finally undergone a process of sincere self-reflection.

UPDATE: I never, ever read partisan blogs. They are too partisan. However, this goes too far. Is there no end to the hatred and the filth spewed by liberal partisans?

Is this supposed to be "ironic"? It is not ironic! It is anti-ironic.

Aside from the sexual crudity, the "Attaturk" woman uses a handle which is offensive to Turks. But it also invokes one of history's greatest monsters, the notorious Islamicist "Attaturk." When we are engaged in a fight to the death against unhinged religious fanatics, to take the name of one famous Muslim anti-secularist is appalling. And this "Watertiger" man... I am a long-time animal rights activist and feminist, and I see this reference to deliberately drowning kittens as a purposeful slur against women of my generation.

If anyone would like to know why I will never vote for a Democrat, this is exactly why.

UPDATE: Some commenters have asked exactly what I am so upset about. It is this description of me:
law professor and conservative -- Attaturk
I have explained numerous times that I am not a conservative. I am a NON-PARTISAN. I am sorry for shouting, but some people "do not get it." Long-time readers will know that I am above partisan politics, blissfully so. That is why unlike the two uneducated, ignorant, vicious, cowardly savages who run this "After Dark" site, I am never reduced to crude insults, but always maintain a tone of serene serenity.


Blogger ntodd said...

I thought juggs were non-partisan...?

12:19 PM  
Blogger Attaturk said...

Ah, c'mon Professor Bitchcakes you know you got it all...

- Lifetime Tenure
- Excellent Adventurus HTML design
- Edgar Winter Hall-o'-Fame look alike.

12:28 PM  
Blogger NYMary said...

Is "Bitchcakes" partisan? Maybe it's more sexist.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Ann Altmouse said...

I do indeed know I have "it all." I have non-partisanship. That is something partisans like you will never, ever understand.

I will delete vicious and unprovoked attacks on my nonpartisanosity. NYMary, you should know that partisanship is always sexist and inflammatory.

I also do not permit obscenity or vulgarity. Posts containing words such as "cakes" will be deleted.

1:02 PM  
Blogger P. Drāno said...

This weblog reminds me very much of another weblog; it is very similar.

I can't seem to remember its name just now. But it is similar.

I'll try to look for it, on Google, if I have time.

2:51 PM  
Blogger watertiger said...

come over here and call me that, bitch!

(tosses switchblade from hand to hand)

3:54 PM  
Blogger Attaturk said...

Message removed by blog administrator.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Pooh said...

No she didn't.

Dear Blogress, I know you hate Canada. Until yesterday that is. How do you feel about Alaska? It is cold and in the North and independant. Plus it used to be owned by Russia.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Ann Altmouse said...

Pooh, that is an excellent question. For obvious reasons, Nome is quite partisan. However, Barrow and Anchorage are nonpartisan. Also, that Ted Stevens fellow seems to really have his head together.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Ann Altmouse said...

This weblog is of course not like any other. Those sites are so partisan!

It is hard to accept this rampant sexism coming from this man, watertiger. He does not know what it was like for women back in the hard days of '92.

It seems that this "Attaturk" jihadist woman has "deleted" her own comment. I will now undelete it:

"nyah nyah, my name is attaturk, and I am a big nooby-noob, nooner-noonan. I go like this, duhhhhh."

See? She is incapable of civilized debate!

6:18 PM  
Blogger Have Skunk said...

Hey juggs.
Unfortunately, like most middle of the roaders, you're ignorant.

The new government in Canada is hardly "strong." Their parliamentary system doesn't encourage troupe baboonism like our polarized system here in the states.

Also. Attaturk is a revered leader in Turkey, widely known and respected for bringing Turkey into the fold of modernity it enjoys now, esp. compared to other Islamic nations.

Also. Liberal partisians are Americans. Americans have a long history of speaking truth to power, no matter what party to which they belong. Presently, this country is engaged in an ideological war that could very possibly leave you without a substantial number of Constitutional freedoms, possibly for the rest of your life.

By claiming to be a non partisan and choosing not to defend the liberties granted us by the Constitution against this Preznit ass rocket and his flying monkeys and their systematic looting of the american economy and bankrupting us in "because I said so" wars, you, miss, are as bad as a terrorist.

A typical fat lazy comfortable american.

Have a great day!

8:16 PM  
Blogger Ann Altmouse said...

Have Skunk, you are making nonarguments. You need to cite evidence and then persuade others. If "Attaturk" was so nonpartisan, than why is Turkey still so dangerously located in the Middle East? A similar case can be made for Canada.

You need to brush up on your critical reading skills. I do not apologize to the likes of you. You apologize to ME.

8:46 PM  
Blogger flory said...

ntodd said...
I thought juggs were non-partisan...?

There are right juggs and left juggs.

Have you ever seen a center jugg? Do you want to?

Juggs are highly partisan.

10:15 PM  
Blogger ntodd said...

I saw on Total Recall one of the martian prostitutes had three juggs. I like that because a) I like juggs, and b) it showed how open to ideas across the political spectrum she was.

6:23 AM  
Blogger flory said...

OK -- certain martian juggs may be centrist -- but do they vote in preznitial elections?


So their nonpartisaniness is a non-issue.

It's only registered juggs that need concern us.

(BTW -- the center jugg was only included for balance, you know)

9:08 PM  
Anonymous freq flag said...

Y'know, I knew it was gonna come to this...jugg registration. If juggs are registered, then only outlaws will have juggs. And then that would make the entire country become partisan (except for this blog, of course).

So keep those juggs unregistered. That way, we can continue to have balance between left juggs and right juggs and then there'll be no need for center juggs. And then we won't have to worry about nonarguments or partisanship.

We will still need Clarence Thomas to stamp out sexism, however. Stamp! Stamp-stamp-stamp-stamp-stamp!

Whew! All this stamping is making me thirsty...does anyone have any tit-anium ice cream on hand?

(notice I didn't say "cakes" even once)

10:06 PM  
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