Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If boredom were Camille Paglia, would that be interesting?

I was recently disinvited to a dinner with Camille Paglia. That is a shame. Our conversation would have been scintillating.

MORE: I was thinking about boredom lately as I was reading some blog posts. No, not your blog. Is boredom partisan? I was of course not bored. I was very interested. Is it very interesting to talk about boredom? B -O -R - E- D -O - M. It occurs to me that the word "boredom" looks like the word "bedroom" if you read it very quickly. Many lawprofs are boring. Why are they so boring? I need to look up the word "boredom" on the Google. Hold on a sec.

UPDATE: I'm wondering if the stories about nuking Iran are true. Would the nuking be partisan? Or the stories about the nuking?

UPDATE: Kellie Pickler go lickler banana fo-fana-bo-bickler, Kellie Pickler!

UPDATE: Some people say that Robin Williams has made many movies that are a little bit mawkish. What do you think?

UPDATE: Look, a ball of twine! How fun!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kos on Colbert is very partisan.

Why did Markos Moulitsas go on the Colbert Report? He must have known that he would be mercilessly parodied. I understand the true humor of Stephen Colbert. He makes fun of partisans. Poor Markos looked like a partisan, with his support of Democratic politicians. He should have represented himself and his book in a less partisan way, as being about ice cream or nice summer days. How can anyone expect to win votes by acting like a political partisan? How silly!

Indeed, partisanship kills. But maybe it kills the one it loves. As Matt Welch writes,
I can’t shake the feeling of nostalgia for a promising cross-partisan moment that just fizzled away. Americans are always much more interesting than their political parties or ideological labels, and for a few months there it was possible for readers and writers alike to feel the unfamiliar slap of collisions with worlds they’d previously sealed off from themselves. You couldn’t predict what anyone would say, especially yourself.
I disagree. New, magical blogs are appearing every day. It is very exciting! What is so exciting is how individuals are releasing their originality and their personalities, saying things that are new. You could not hear about this sort of thing before! The wonder of blogging is that it releases the scintillating originality of the original mind. How wonderful! Hooray for the original, daring individual mind!

UPDATE: Hmmmm. Very interesting.

UPDATE: There are many important legal issues involved here.

UPDATE: What do you think?.

UPDATE: So true. So true.

UPDATE: I don't care.

UPDATE: Big American Idol tonight!

UPDATE: Indeed. Blogging is a liberating medium of personal expression. What a wonder of modern democracy!