Sunday, January 07, 2007


Someone is blogging at another blog with something close to my name. She even has a ridiculous "caricature" of me up, and she is stealing all my good ideas about nonpartisanship. What should I do?

ADDED: I have contacted the blogger in question but the blog is not yet taken down. Maybe it is too early to start talking about unethical activity. But if my blog is not the top result for all Technorati searches by 6PM Monday, that blogger will be asking for it. A transgression of this magnitude will require at least 200K hits to make right. What a shocking breach of blogger ethics!

UPDATE: Here is a picture I drew at a conference I went to about libertarianism. It is a picture of me and Satan. I am holding a lolly. The "Satan" represents another blogger who was at the conference. But I will not say who it is, or what flavor the lolly is. Unlike certain other bloggers, I have blogging ethics when I blog about bloggers.